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Group of companies «PROFI SOFT» has been providing a full range of services on “Automatisation of business processes” at Kazakhstan market for 10 years.

Our company employs specialists certified by “1C” and 1C-Bitrix companies, who constantly improve their knowledge and skills. They will quickly and effectively help you to solve tasks of automatisation of business processes at your enterprise at high quality standards.


Our company can only meet outstanding results that exceed our customers' expectations, because our reputation depends on it. We know our strengths and when we need expertise or project implementation in a certain area, we form a project team of the best experts.

To improve the performed services, our company has introduced and certified the quality management system in accordance with the International standard ISO ST RK 9001:2009. The fact that we have this certificate means that the company is well-organised, has clearly distributed duties and procedures, observes standard operating procedures, has operating instructions which are documented and studied by the personnel, has well-developed control procedures of works performed and, of course, professional and well-trained workers who can do their job at high a quality level.

For a successful, sustainable and safe development of your enterprise, our company provides professional services of high quality at best prices!

Center of Real Automation

Center of Real Automation There are situations when the company has an understanding that it is necessary to automate, but there is no clear understanding of what exactly to automate, or there is no possibility to formulate what exactly needs to be done - for example, there are no clear business processes and therefore it is unclear how to start, , there are no resources to identify tasks that require automation. In such situations, you can contact our company, as we are a partner of "1C", recommended for real automation. Our firm will help:

Employees of our company have been trained and certified according to the technology of work developed by 1C and can help to conduct a competent preliminary examination of business processes that are subject to automation, and then offer ways to increase the efficiency of the client's business.

We guarantee high quality service and full confidentiality of information.

Our advantages:

Trust accounting in your company to professionals!

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