IT consulting


An effective management of business processes and information flows is impossible without organisation of IT infrastructure that provides the required rate of data processing and availability, team work and interaction between managers, workers, customers and suppliers.

In Profi Soft company you will find a reliable partner and a team of experienced business analysts and technical experts who will conduct a comprehensive audit of your IT-infrastructure and help to improve it in accordance with the current requirements of business.


A long-term experience of a successful implementation of IT projects provides a high performance of services of Profi Soft company.

We offer services of integrated IT consulting, from the assessment of technological operability of IT projects to the full support in the area of creation, maintenance and strategic development of IT infrastructure:

  • IT infrastructure audit
  • Support in forming an IT strategyстратегии
  • Development and design of the architecture of applicationsприложений
  • Audit of information security
  • Managing requirements for software
  • Selection of appropriate technologies and platforms
  • The analysis and formalisation of business processes


Nowadays, not only organisations with a high degree of IT impact on business processes need consulting services – companies in various business areas interested in the optimisation of the current activity need that too.

By providing our clients with the knowledgeable assistance, we efficiently help them to use the potential of information technologies at all stages of business functioning, including:

Business start-up

We will carry out a professional audit of your hardware and programming environment concerning its compliance with your business goals and market competitive ability to provide smart decisions at preparation stage of business start-up.

Business expansion

We will support your business growth by planning and implementing complicated business applications and their seamless integration into the existing IT infrastructure. Our final objective is the creation of the optimal, highly effective environment of the enterprise functioning.

Current operations

By shifting the responsibility for IT infrastructure functioning on Profi Soft’s shoulders, you will be able to fully concentrate on the main activity of your organisation. Our specialists will help to choose the most appropriate business models of cooperation.


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