Mobile trading

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The solution for organizations working in the field of FMCG

(Fast Moving Consumer Goods – wholesale of everyday goods)


The appearance of data about the order in the office immediately after visiting the outlet


Tracking the travel of visiting staff


The possibility of changing the product for the specifics of your company


Savings through the use of personal devices of employees


Increase in the number of visited outlets per day

For supervisors and heads of sales departments

  • Receive orders from sales representatives within 1 minute
  • Increase the number of customers visited per day
  • Set tasks to sales representatives and monitor performance
  • Monitor the location and movement of employees
  • Form all kinds of reports

For field staff

Always "at hand"
  • Current data on balances, prices, customer debts
  • Information about past sales in a sales outlet
  • Sales plan and percentage of its implementation
  • and:
  • The exclusion of paper documents in work
  • No additional office visits are required
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Principle of work "Agent Plus: Mobile Commerce"


In "Agent Plus: Mobile Commerce" a two-way data exchange via 3G, Wi-Fi, GPRS with the accounting system installed in the office was realized. The data exchange is carried out with the help of "Agent Plus: Data Exchange Service" (ODS) or via FTP-server.

The work on the introduction of "Agent Plus: Mobile Commerce" can be performed by the regular programmers of your enterprise or employees Official partner of the company "Agent Plus".

"Agent Plus: Mobile Commerce" runs on mobile devices (smartphones, tablet computers) running the operating system Android from version 4.0 to 6.0.

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