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Name of the software product Price, tenge
1C:Enterprise 8. Configuration “Profi Soft”: Drug inventory for government institutions 70 000
1C:Enterprise 8. Configuration “Profi Soft”: Integrated product (Hotel, auto wash, public catering)" 150 000
1C:Enterprise 8. Configuration “Profi Soft”: “Currency and Export Control” including platform 1C:Enterprise 8 234 000
1C:Enterprise 8. Configuration “Profi Soft”: “Award of pension” 350 000
Profi Soft: Module of 1C connection to electronic locks Bitech 120 000
“Profi Soft Control system of access management” TBA
Profi Soft Find Face TBA
Introduction of 1C: Enterprise systems
1 Collect data to determine the project strategy, determine priorities and key system requirements. Pre-project survey and commercial proposal tariff rate per hour of work 6 500 the total cost and the order of payment are determined by the contract
2 Determination of project requirements, drafting and approval of a technical assignment
3 The development of an automated system according to the approved terms of reference
4 Training of employees to work with the system
5 The commissioning of an automated system for industrial operation
6 Subsequent post-project support

Работы по индивидуальному сопровождению пользователей 1С:Предприятия выполняются сотрудниками компании «Profi Soft» по следующей схеме:

  1. The application is accepted on the site, by e-mail info@profi-soft.kz, by phone 8 7142 917 020, 8 775 5 222 555, 8 705 325 26 99 or personally in the office, contains a description of the work composition, the proposed execution time, way of execution (with departure to the Customer's office or remotely) and forms of payment.
  2. After consideration of the application, the employee "Profi Soft" agrees with the Customer the date of its implementation. The time for consideration of an application is no more than 1 working day from the moment it was received.
  3. The application is accepted for execution in the absence of debt from the Customer for previous work
  4. Work on the application can be performed depending on the composition of the work as with the departure to the customer's office, and remotely using remote access via the Internet.
  5. The works on the application are considered to be completed after their approval by the Customer and the signing of the act of completed work.
  6. The scope of work is determined in hours multiples of 0.5 hours (30 minutes).