Automatisation of restaurant business

Automatisation of a restaurant complex will allow you to:


1C:Restaurant is designed for automatisation of the workplace of waiters, bar tenders, cashiers, a headwaiter at enterprises and subdivisions of public catering of a various scale: restaurants, bars, cafes, canteens, etc.

The solution uses two modes of work:

  • mode of work of a cashier, waiter, bar tender and head waiter;
  • mode of work of a manager, administrator.

A special interface (workplace) is designed for the work of a cashier, waiter, bar tender and head waiter that provides a fast and convenient access to all necessary options, such as the execution of reservation, order, cash payments. The interface is customised for the work with a sensor monitor, but also available for conventional management by keyboard and mouse. This mode offers two desktops distinguished by the service plan:

The workplace of a manager, administrator is designed for managing an information base, entering reference information, setting parameters of accounting, obtaining analytical reports on the work of an enterprise, etc.


1C:Public catering - is designed for automatisation of accounting, taxation and management records keeping at enterprises and subdivisions of public catering of a various scale: restaurants, bars, cafes, canteens, production shops and confectionaries, subdivisions of entertainment and hotel complexes, etc.

Call button for attendants iBells:


Call button for a waiter iBells:

Call button for a waiter iBells is created specifically for prompt service of clients, which allows you to take the service to a higher level and enhance the prestige of your facility. Call buttons for a waiter are used in many restaurants and cafes.

Call buttons system for attendants is especially suitable for large and multi-level facilities where it is impossible to have a visual control: restaurants and cafes with many halls, cinema theatres, bowling centres, spa salons, etc.

Advantages of implementation:

  1. Now clients don’t have to catch the sight of the restaurant worker and think how to attract their attention to make an additional order, pay the bill or ask some questions.
  2. Enhancement of the prestige and status of your business.
  3. Improvement of the service due to fast and high quality service.
  4. Growth of work efficiency: one person can take several orders simultaneously.
  5. Growth of loyalty of current clients and getting new clients.
  6. Growth of income.

1C-Rating: Mobile Waiter

Configuration characteristics

Mobile application “1C-Rating: Mobile Waiter” is designed for automatisation of the work of waiters who serve clients of enterprises of public catering via a smartphone or a tablet.

The advantage of using a mobile device is that you can omit the stage of recording an order by a waiter first in a notebook and then in a special system on the installed terminal. By using a mobile application to make an order, a guest sends it to the system from their table and the kitchen and bar begin working immediately. Use of a mobile device increases clients’ service rate and decreases the amount of mistakes while taking the order. Each waiter gets their own login and password, which helps to track the one who has made some modifications.
Main possibilities of the application:

  • simultaneous work with various types of the menu;
  • support of work in several halls;
  • filling in the information on the table (table number and amount of guests);
  • choice of dishes from the menu list and via the context search;
  • listing modifiers when choosing dishes (serve at once, without salt, etc.);
  • editing an order;
    • changing the amount of dishes;
    • cancellation of dishes, indicating the reason;
    • additional order in the open order;
  • sending the order to the cash desk and places of food preparation (printers for cheques, chef’s monitor);
  • getting messages from the kitchen about the stage of cooking;
  • work via Wi-Fi;
  • exchange with configuration “1C-Rating:Restaurant”.

The mobile application is integrated with configuration “1C-Rating:Restaurant” by means of non-stop bidirectional data communication. Reference data (menu, modifiers, etc.) is uploaded to the mobile application “1C-Rating:Mobile Waiter” from configuration “1C-Rating:Restaurant” while formation and modification of orders is possible in both configuration. When forming and modifying the order in one of the configurations, data will be quickly directed to the other one.


The application works in smartphones and tablets with Android OS in the Wi-Fi zone. The recommended diagonal of a mobile device is not less than 5 inches.

We will also select support equipment for full automatisation of your business!