RFID access management control systems

“RFID” is one of the business areas of Profi-Soft company. We carry out delivery of RFID-equipment and technical support of integration projects built on radio-frequency identification technologies. Also, we can offer RFID-cards

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Compatibility with 1C-Enterprise


Edition №2 “1C:Library of allied equipment” is supplemented with support of RFID readout devices delivered by Profi-Soft company. In particular, there is support for German RFID equipment by FEIG Electronic company – product line OBID i-scan (IDENTIFICATION). Workers of the radio-frequency identification department in cooperation with 1C representatives performed effective work for developing and testing drivers. Now users of 1C:Enterprise basic version have the access to RFID equipment functionality, that is, possibility of proximity identification of objects.

Scanning RFID labels occurs immediately without any direct visibility of labels; there is also a technology of anti-collision that allows scanning a group of labels very quickly. All RFID readout devices FEIG Electronic can both read out and encode RFID labels. We work with any data that is stored in the memory of RFID labels: with the inventory number EPC, unique number TID, with user memory; we also provide data protection from overwriting. The equipment has a unique algorithm of simultaneous reading of EPC and TID memory sectors, which significantly facilitates working with labels; this feature is important for individual labels in case they are supplied with the same EPC numbers.