Консультации по выбору программного обеспечения

Consultancy on the choice of software

“1C:Enterprise” product line includes a large amount of standard, specialised and industry applied solutions – with a varied functional designed for solution of different tasks, different conditions of support, licensing, etc. It can be difficult to orientate yourself in a full range of “1C” solutions.

Thereat, an incomplete approach of choosing software can lead to the inefficient investment of funds and your time.

Free consultations of our company’s specialists allows avoiding these problems and enhancing the budget on automatisation.

We are ready to organise professional consultancy on the choice of software using any method that is convenient for you:

You can send a request for organisation of free consultancy.

Our company works in accordance with the rules of delivery and price policy recommended by the company manufacturing the program products.

Our company’s specialists will also provide you with services of delivery and installation of the selected programs.