Настройка и внедрение

Setting up and implementation of updates in standard configuration of 1C programs

настройка и внедрение.jpgIt is advisable to make any modifications, even the smallest, on the basis of a specifically designed requirement description.

A requirement description is a document that describes in detail which actions a programmer will perform.

Creating a requirement description is usually useful for both a modification customer and a programmer. It helps the customer of a requirement description to put their thoughts in order, understand their goals and the desired result. As for the programmer, they can get a clear understanding of their task and decrease the time spent on its adjustment.

Before completely adjusting the requirement description, make sure that you and the programmer understand each other since the programmer will do exactly as the description says, even if you meant something else.

If you have many broad and diverse tasks, creating one requirement description is not enough.

In which situations is it not enough to have one requirement description?

In these cases, it is desirable to solve tasks by stages using a process design

A process design suggests several stages of work with clearly defined tasks, results and terms of each stage accomplishment.

Main stages of work according to the process design:

To assess the cost of modifications and select the best variant of their implementation, you can use the consultancy of our specialist.