Сопровождение 1С (ИТС)

1C support (ITS)

Support is the key to steady work with “1C:Enterprise” program products as we are ready to provide working capacity and actuality of your information base on a contract basis with modifications of taxation and accounting records keeping.

Such an operation mode is preferable if you have modified 1C programs, a large amount of users, no experience of working with program products, frequently occurring new tasks for automatisation, strict requirements for failsafe information systems, etc.

  • Assignment of certified specialist
  • Minimum period of giving a response to the application
  • Cutting time of solving task
  • Saving funds
List of services
  • Update of modified programs
  • Help in setting 1С accounting
  • Customising and modification of PP
  • Teaching users
  • Customising data exchange
  • Correction of errors in PP work
  • The cost depends on the range of services
  • from 5,000 tng/month
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