Разработка приложений для iOS

Creating mobile applications for IOS


Want to sell more and be closer to your customers? Have some interesting ideas for an iOS app or a business that needs an app? Looking for an iOS app developer with experience and no risk? Creating iOS applications in Profi-Soft is a guarantee of the result.

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Benefits of iOS app development in Profi-Soft:

  • Development of a mobile application in time.
  • A visual solution to problems.
  • Careful study of the audience, market, competitors.
  • Thought design and its ergonomics.
  • Scrupulous testing and placement in the AppStore.
  • Guarantees of fulfillment of obligations.
  • Technical support for applications.

Specifics of iOS software development in Profi Soft:

Delve into the business

Delve into the business

Thoroughly analyze the audience

Thoroughly analyze the audience

Analyze existing mobile applications

Analyze existing mobile applications

Create iOS apps useful for the user

Create iOS apps useful for the user

An IOS business application is:

  • Significance of profitability.
  • The mobile application will always be with the client - 24 hours a day.
  • Effective advertising, since It is precisely users who distribute applications for the iPhone.
  • The probability of increasing the turnover.
  • Automation of business processes of the company.

How does Profi Soft bring your business to a new level?

Beginning with the development of an iOS application, we first analyze what the users do not have, and offer the best option. So, before developing an application, we study and analyze the user's response to existing applications. By focusing on user ratings, we improve work with the application.

Development for ios by Scrum

We apply Scrum - a methodology for flexible project development. We are developing a project so that you can always control the work process. How exactly is this happening:

  • We create a list of requirements for the project (backlog).
  • The list is divided into sprints (one week's time interval).
  • We present the result of the work to the client in the form of a demo version of the product.

The client is aware of which tasks and at what stage the work is under way, can monitor and verify the result of the development.

It is the client who sets the importance of the tasks and their timing together with the project manager. A report about the job is generated, and the source code is transferred to your data store.

IOS app development. Feature of the approach

  • Developing applications for the iPhone always starts with researching existing applications, analyzing how convenient and functional they are. We draw attention to what people are looking for and how they formulate requests.
  • Preparing for the interface development in detail. Whether the mobile application will be a companion to an already existing site or it is a separate product, the main criterion is the convenience and usefulness for the user.
  • Focus on application design. Please note that each version of iOS requires its own designer requirements.
  • We spend the maximum time testing. On the market we skip only those applications, in the quality of which they are sure of all the hundred.
  • Consider AppStore requirements for applications. We accompany the application during the test by moderators.
  • Provide technical support for the application. The Apple platform is systematically upgraded and technical support is required for the firmware to work correctly on the new firmware.

IOS app development with expertise

IOS app development with expertise Our difference is scrupulous analysis of your business project and subsequent technical support.

When designing an application, we think about what the user needs. We fix all the new ideas into the flowcharts. We are engaged in the analysis of the work carried out. By developing apps for the iPhone, we take into account the lifestyle of users.

Thanks to this, our applications are easy to operate. Want to order an iPhone app? The Profi Soft team will handle the development of an iPhone application of any complexity!

iOS development extends to the following devices:

IPhone application development

When developing a mobile app for the iPhone, we are faced with some peculiarities. The main feature - all versions of iOS are requesting their designer requirements. Another feature is a strict target audience. IPhone screen resolution: 480x320 pixels.

IPad app development

IPad app development

In the process of developing an application for the iPad, besides business tasks, the necessary tasks for users are addressed: access to e-books, video hosts, Internet surfing, etc. The application orientation is customized to 1024x768 pixel device settings.

Stages of application development for iPhone:

  1. ​Analysis

    The advantage of our experience is that the development begins with the work of the UX designer. We analyze the market and the target audience, see search queries, reviews and ratings. As a result, the customer is provided with market analysis, competitors, target audience and application positioning.
    Without this stage and its results, high-quality application development under iOS is not feasible!

  2. Design

    When designing an application, we are looking for answers to the questions: What needs are being implemented by the future application? What should its functional be? What do users actually need?
    When business tasks are clear, we are considering the scenarios of interaction between the user and the application, we design the application architecture and construct a prototype.

  3. Design

    Draw the design of all screens and state of the elements. We use Apple's recommendation for application design. We create a comfortable and functional design.

  4. Application development for iOS

    Having a design, a prototype, a technical assignment, we begin to develop the application. In an area like iOS programming, Apple dictates its own rules. When developing the functionality of the application, we take into account the specifics of the platform. We focus on testing the application and fixing errors. For this purpose, at our company there are several different mobile devices. A quality product should come to the market.

  5. Placement in the market

    After the application has passed the testing and all the bugs are corrected, place the mobile application in the AppStore.

Where to start developing an application for the iPhone:

Where to start developing an iPhone app

Search for the artist:

First - Set a goal. Try to determine in the most detailed way the main principles and the significance of the project. Explore the market, try exploring and dismantling similar applications. Look at the app with the eyes of the user: what tasks should be solved by the application? Which interface is most clear and convenient?

Secondly - Define the criteria of the preference of the performer. For example:

  • Portfolio quality.
  • Types of business with which the company operates.
  • Help in choosing the right solution and the application development process.
  • Competence of specialists.
  • Price and warranty.

Thirdly, Casey. Require the company to have ready-made cases for the best insight into the development of the application.

Fourth - Questions. Ask, ask and ask questions again before receiving answers that match your selection criteria.

The calculation of the cost of the project

Calculation of project cost

What does the cost of developing iPhone mobile apps depend on?

How is the development cost of an application formed? Here are the factors that affect this:

  • The amount of time spent on development.
  • Choice of design. Whether it is a "native" design or will apply the corporate style of the company.
  • Application interface.
  • Compliance of the mobile application with the requirements when posting to the AppStore.

What are the guarantee and payment terms?

A guarantee to you is the conclusion of a contract, in which we fix all stages of the development of the application. You can contact the developer who is working on creating your application at any time.

Why choose us?

  • Transparent work. You always know what, how and why we do.
  • Advantageous step-by-step payment and low cost of developing applications for the iPhone.

Find out the exact cost of developing an iPhone mobile app right now.

What our customers require when evaluating a finished project:

  • Good experience in creating applications for all types of business.
  • Analysis of business projects in the development of startups.
  • A team of 7 specialists in developing an application or website.
  • The use of exclusively unique solutions.
  • Development period from 3 months.
  • Transparency in work and flexible development.
The brief to develop a mobile app