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Training courses 1C

«Profi Soft» training centre began working in January, 2014. Since that time, the trademark of the teaching centre has been high quality of teaching users how to operate «1C:Enterprise».

The training centre has several statuses:

In business practice, a certification system is widely used to confirm the skills of specialists. "Firm" certification confirms the level of knowledge of the technologies of certain firms and is widely used in the practice of software development firms and computer technologies. Certificates of such firms are highly valued in the labor market. Firm "1C", one of the few on the Russian market, widely uses this practice.

The firm "1C" conducts two types of certification:

on knowledge of software products "1C".
The first type of certification confirms the ownership of a typical configuration, the second - the ability to configure and refine the PP "1C".

«Profi Soft» training centre offers:

The facility where courses are conducted is a modern classroom equipped with personal computers for each student and a projector as a visual aid for explaining new material. Students have coffee breaks.

Training centre managers will help you to choose the course or examination.

Courses and certification


Cost (KZT)

«Accounting for government enterprises»
«Accounting for Kazakhstan»
«Accounting for government institutions»

30 000

«Trade management»

40 000

Certification «1С:Professional»

3 750

Certification «1С:Specialist»

2 500 rub.

Certification «1С:Specialist-consultant»

3 600 rub.

We welcome graduates of HEIs for cooperation:

Positive characteristics of working as a programmer-developer in our company:

  1. Invaluable experience
  2. Career development
  3. Possibility to implement your projects
  4. Personal enrichment
  5. Respectable salary
  6. Participation in developing industry solutions of the company

Today, you are a student and get a scholarship, and tomorrow you can get a certificate and become a 1C developer.


Contact information of «Profi Soft» training centre

Kostanay city, 25 Amangeldy st., office 18

Telephone (7142) 917-020

Fax (7142) 54-12-61

e-mail info@profi-soft.kz