Разработка мобильных приложений

Creating mobile applications for Android and IOS



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Creating mobile applications and web projects designed for businesses and startups. We are addressed to business automation, the foundation of start-up projects, sales growth and improvement of the service.

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Working with Scrum iterations

Our mobile application development company applies the scrum development methodology. In short, these are the following actions:

  • develop a list of tasks;
  • divide the work into small stages;
  • we work gradually, showing the result after each stage of development.

The client can follow the process of creation and testing, the quality of the code, determine the priority tasks and always be aware of the functions being developed. Contact us if you choose a company-developer. Company Profi Soft will gladly help you.


Popular IT products

The experience of the company's employees is focused on the formation of popular IT products. What does it mean? Having turned on the application, customers realize what task it is solving, think about how to use it, like the design and practicality of the interface, they return to the application. The plan for creating applications is built so as to quickly launch a long-awaited product, namely:

  • Parsing tasks prior to development
  • Detailing product versions at the prototyping stage
  • Design of all screens, states
  • Thorough terms of reference
  • Personal choice of technical solutions
  • Testing, help with publishing
  • Assistance in project development
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Design integrity

Our company employs specialists who provide application development of any complexity: programmers (application developers), UX / UI designers, QA specialists, project managers. Many mobile application developers have to interact with remote workers - which is inconvenient. Our advantage is that all employees work in the office. Profi Soft is a mobile developer, but we also make the back-end part for applications. These can be administrative panels, APIs, work with databases, web applications.

Mobile Application Development

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Why choose Profi Soft?


Business expertise

Analyze in detail the business processes and how applications will help your business. We provide automation of workplaces, reduce costs, provide increased sales and market share, qualitatively improve the company's service. Developing mobile applications, Profi Soft is working on the interface, assists in further promotion.


Guaranteed result

Want to create a mobile app? Before launch, we will specify the deadlines for the work and its cost, applications are created in the format of the Technical Specification even when planning the application. Our company provides a safe and guaranteed performance of work: we conclude contracts, conduct a transparent policy in providing deadlines and application development stages, systematically discuss the project with customers, through face-to-face meetings, and remotely.


For startups

For startup projects, we strive to create a minimally viable product as soon as possible. For this purpose, we apply the scrum development methodology: you have the opportunity to check the work at different stages of its implementation and make some changes. At the time of design, the development team is testing business ideas and the entire procedure for testing the application. We are interested in the development of the finished application, so we provide support for it. The staff of the company Profi Soft includes mobile application developers, designers, QA-specialists, managers.


Demanded product needs a good design. Suitable navigation, the use of native components, careful selection of colors and fonts, a bright icon. We pay attention to the nativeness - we work on guidelines from Google and Apple. We test applications on real users. Therefore, deciding to order a mobile application, be sure that the interface will be convenient.